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Rick, All my friends are ravingl about your motors. I have 3 in my arsenal 2 of the 528xr's and one of the p5x's. All three motors are your Mod motors and are so fast and reliable that its just disgustingly unfair to the competitors. In the truck class, it felt as if I was beating on a room full of preschoolers that had stolen from me. I easily lapped cars every time I went out there. The buggy class, I would have to say, while not winning any races ( Don't posses the skills as a top driver yet ) it was agreed by many at the track that my RB moded 21 was among the top 3 fastest motors out there ( the other fast ones are RB Mods motors too!!.) No one stood a chance in a neck and neck shootout down the main straight, I was always the first into the turn. Rick keep up the good work, I cant wait till I get this 4th "secret hybrid monster motor" from you. The beasts are loose!!! Eggy

Rick just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for helping me to win the MHRA Top Fuel 2005 Championship, Four races into the season I was in 3rd place 12 points behine the leader I just didn\'t have the power, Thats when I came across your web site and saw your logo UNLEASH THE BEAST you weren\'t lying, you sent me your .21 Crono, after breaking it in I was low qualifier and went to the final round the next four races which has put me in 1st place.(by the way thats was on 30% nitro)On Otc. 29th at our test & tune this car went 1.477 on 50% nitro, NOT BAD FOR A BUNCH PRUNE PICKERS, We have one race to go but all I need to do is qualify. So the plan is to go for the track record 1.583
Thanks again for all your help
Ken Jones


Hey Rick
    Well I'll tell you I'm just about race ready just a few more thank fulls which will be a halfa gallon and I'm very please with how the revo peroforms.Its evry thing that was said in the RC mag and more the response is great temp is consistion .Over all its great.Thanks for the mod it was well worth the bucks and if I go with the os 18 I'll be sending it your way for a mod .I've got a cuople of budies that will more than likly sending their mtors for the mod once I peel the rubber off their tires when blow by them.Again thanks .
                                                                          Walt .G the new revo RB Mod

Rick, great job on my p5. I made it through the 30 min. A main and finished first. Got Beau long by a lap too. Thanks again, it really kicks ass. I attached a photo.


Jim Lambrinos


Aloha Rick,


I have maybe a little less then a gallon through the motor you did the mod 
on for me and it's really starting to come into it's own.  With your motor 
in my Revo I finally made the A main and finished in the top three.....that 
alone is a huge leap...thanks again!  I can't wait to see what this motor 
does once it's fully broken in, I had some tuning issues this last race and 
was stuck in the B main.  I had that race won with ease but couldn't keep it 
running, I think it's because I tried a different glow plug (an RB5) big 
mistake it seems.  Live and learn!


Anyhow, I'll keep in touch and by the way...thanks agian for the mod, I've 
been sold on RB Mods!

Aloha Ka Kou,




Glendale, AZ, USA


Rick Brake did a couple of Sirios for me earlier this year (that may be one in the pic he posted earlier in the thread) and the powerband is so smooth, it reminds me of an electric. I have had a large number of mods from different folks mentioned in this thread, and mods from peole that aren't mentioned and the thing they shared in common was huge top end power, which is good if you are drag racing your buggy in front of your house; however, on a racetrack it can be a curse. The RB mods I am currently running allow me to make up for driving or chassis set-up errors by blipping the throttle or tapping the brake and having the same smooth predictable power available after the bobble on the track. They still have a mean top end, but the entire RPM is so usable that minor trigger blips do not make the car want to spin out, but just surge ahead with a smoothness I have not experienced on anything outside of an electric buggy. Good job, Rick, I am very pleased with your services.

Rick, I have been working very hard over this summer to improve. I wanted to thank for your excellent product  This year Using the TOP and Wasp Motors that you modded for my Dad and I  and we have had the following results: 
1st place and TQ in Expert Gas Truck at the 1st annual Odonnell Off Road Gas Championship at Revelation Raceway on July 15-18. Odonnell Off road Championship results 
3rd Place in Open Gas Truck at the 8th Annual Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout in Saugus on July 8-10, 2005. Qualified 5th and finished 3rd. 
2nd Place 1/10 scale Expert Gas Truck “2005 ‘RC Worlds' 10th anniversary off-road race"Sponsored By RC World magazine, Kyosho and The Dirt in Hemet Ca. 
A Main qualifier in 1/10 gas truck Open class at the 2005 6th Annual The Dirt Nitro Challenge in Hemet CA. Won the Team Orion Hard Charger Award for bumping up the most places at the event. http://www.teamorion.com/news .asp?id=415    (I used the first motor you modded for us in that one, back last year I believe) And or course at the local tracks where I race I am always in the top 2 because of your motor.  Thanks again, It feels great to be able to keep up with the pros and have horsepower NOT be the issue.  I am currently running the WASP SE and it is fast. I should be getting a Matrix later this year so I hope to be sending you a .28 for the buggy. Thanks again Billy Laster Riverside Ca

Everything you told me that would happen on my engine did happen. I did the break-in process you have posted on your site and after about the 1 gallon point I was racing the engine in the Pro Series Round 1 West race and it all of a sudden started running awfully rich. I re-tuned the engine and ended up getting even more power and speed out of it (not to mention a smoother powerband) and my engine temps dropped by about 30 to 40 degrees. I went into the expert C-main race with an engine that effortlessly kept up with everyone else. I even took the holeshot w/o without much effort at all. After the 20 minutes the engine was running just barely above 200 degrees. Now, if only my driving was good enough to take a powerplant like this to the victory stand.
Thanks a million. You do great work. Hope business does well for you.
Mike Crabtree
Salt Lake City, UT

John Burgman
First off I want to thank you for everything you have done for this hobby. You are an idol and extremely respected worldwide. I have a Paris/Picco G1 Pro-BV that i have raced for 2 seasons and now have close to 5 gallons through. It still has amazing compression and power on the whole power band and i am extremely impressed.

Paul Hill / H&R. Racing
    Rick, I just want to take a few minutes to thank you for the fantastic job you did on my sons RB-C5 engine this past fall.We are racers from Speedzone Raceway in Athens.Tn. Shane was having a hard time keeping up with our track champ until we actually did unleash the beast.Mike and the rest of the guys could not believe the power and speed.Now Shane is the outlaw buggy champ and also truggy champ with a o1bp motor that you also modded for us so on behalf of shane and H&R racing we thank you and rb mods for all your help this past season and also look forward to doing more business with you.

Hi Rick, it's been a while since I last spoke with you. You did modifications to my O.P.S. .45 c.i. marine engine. We'll I must say that it runs great, starts right up and it moves out. It has become not only my favorite boat but also the most reliable. It surprises a lot of people who see it for the first time. It runs about 60 m.p.h. in oval race form, a competitive boat in it's class (Sport 40-2) runs around 55-57 m.p.h. and these guys are using CMB and Mac engines which are far more expensive than my O.P.S. I was messing around with a guy who had a Picco .67 c.i. in his Sport 60 class boat and my little Sport 40-2 boat blew by his boat. He quickly put his boat away and came by to check my boat out.
- Steve Lee

Hello Rick, this is Mike from Speedzone Raceway in Tenn. Just to let some of your readers know that since you guys came and handed our backsides to us on a silver platter, that about 30% of our racers are now running your mods and they are pretty much dominating the racing now, we have a 12 year old who started in the 1/10 outlaw late model and has won every heat and feature since you modded his engine the weekend you were here. Even myself have had much greater success since running your mods, I have 5 engines that you have modded for me and if i can keep from getting broke (or breaking myself) i have finished in the top 3 in every race i\'ve finished, and have even won about 6 races and have been top qualifier in almost every race. I believe in your work enough to have you put on my homepage of our website and am proud to sell your mods to my drivers. I have 5 of your modded engines and race them all every week, well you were here to see the late model an! d the outlaw buggy run so you know how fast they were. Keep up the good service and will continue to send you all the business i can, thanks!
Mike Henderson owner Speedzone Raceway Park. Athens Tn.

Rick, I Wanted to let you know who pleased I am with the mods you performed on my Rody C5! 
It was tested yesterday in our Top Fuel dragster, and ran .18 quicker than before your work. And its not nearly optimized yet. The low-end response and torque are incredible!!! Look for this to set records in 4 weeks.
Eric Johnson
Man, this thing is in orbit! I just finished run-in of the WS7II and holy cow! I'm getting 7 minutes run time and temps are peaking at about 230F. I know you said these mods like it lean, but I am 6.75 LSN and 2.8 HSN. With the pinch test the engine cuts off at 4-5 seconds, so I'm in the ballpark there. Never had to go that far out on the LSN before, but like I said, this thing screams! Noticeably faster and great punch. Running 30% O'Donnell w/ a shot glass of castor (per gallon) added and MC59 plugs. I have been having so much fun with the WS7II that I haven't taken the S7II out yet... I'm racing tomorrow, Sunday, and can't wait to get out there and try to keep her grounded! LOL Also thickened my diff in front and rear to compensate handling for all the extra power... now running 7-7-3. It was just out of control with 5-7-1 ... we'll see how she grips tomorrow on the loamy clay... Any other mod tuning advice you can give me would be appreciated, but I tell ya... she is screaming! 
Thanks a million! 

Mr. Rick Brake,
First let me begin by saying,"what an icon you have become to this hobby".  I have read other racers testimonials (regarding your work, knowledge and expertise with scale motors) on numerous sites, including ebay, and they are all positive.  KUDOS 
Sean, Canada

I had Rick at RB Mods do one of my engines. The turn around time is very impressive. I mailed it out to him on thursday night and the engine showed back up at my door on monday. That is fast. When I received the engine first thing I did was take it apart and look at the quality of the work. First rate all the way. I resealed the engine and went off to the track. Keep in mind this was a RB S7II that I sent in, not a high dollar race motor, just a good quality, reliable engine that already had 2 and half gallons through it. This engine went to Rick because I have an identical one with about the same amount of fuel through it and I wanted an HONEST comparison. Wouldn't be fair to compare a new engine to an old one. OK so off to the track. I richened the needle settings slightly and wham it started right up. Took it easy around the track for a couple of laps and then started race tuning. This thing is awesome I thought as it had really good top end. Brought it in for a temp check and fuel and found it was only at 187. Double checked with a different temp gun and still 187. So I gave her a little turn in on the HSN and it woke it up even more. My partner has the same r/c I do with the same gearing and a RB C5 in it. My little cheap used S7II was pulling away on the straights. Engine performed flawlessly for the whole day and temped in at 210. Guess I could lean it a little more, but was more than satisfied with the performance. Run time increased a full 2 minutes and cool temps, who could ever ask for more. From now on RB Mods will get all my new engines. You cant beat the price, service and the performance. Really wonder what the cheaper engines can do with this mod. Awesome work Rick.
Steve    Sinister Racing Products    Southern California


Dear rctechnician,
What can you say this guy is the best.took a brand new engine hardly broken in and ran 78.68mph in 1.74 seconds to set a new mph record in nitro top fuel dragster. thanks rick your the man!!!!!

Dear rctechnician, 
Hi, let's see, I bought this Infinity Engine from ebay which claims 42,500 rpm for about $100. What a great deal, I bought one instantly. But soon I had to find out that this motor's performance is little better than typical RTR engine which was much slower than My Sirio which I was planning to replace. That was when RBMODS caught my eye. I was little skeptical but I just gave it a try and WOW!!! This engine Flies. I am keeping up with Novarossi at my track. I just want to see their face when they find out my engine is just $100 Engine. :) Hey by the way, I have this year old Sirio that is loosing compression, can you fix this too? Let me know. Sol

I managed to get just over another tank through the Picco at Knox today and this thing is getting better all the time. I gotta say the modded picco is awesome, so much power... i don't think there was a moment where the wheels didn't balloon like crazy. 
I'm continually surprised that this thing lifts the front as it changes into 2nd... all this with an 18T CB and only a little over a litre through it so far.... if it hadn't been for that pole that jumped out in front of me at Knox today then I may have gone better.   So far it's a great motor... I just can't imagine it getting better as Rick says, I'm sure it will, but it's just hard to imagine.  I'm glad the damage was limited to the suspension components and not the engine like my last effort at Geelong.
Skidd, Australia 
 KyoshoKev, Australia
I couldn't wait for my new flywheel so i pulled it off my old 8 port hyper21. wow!!! 
i put it on.. and my whole car vibrates on idle hahahahha 
... just like a real race car with engine ported and all.... the idle sounds awesome.... 
when its on the move it sounds like a motorbike 2 stroke engine..... 
this thing flies.... low end,,, middle,,, and top end... i don't really notice a low end coz it reached top speed nearly instantly! 
i cant imagine an unmoded picco21 being anything this good 
oh and forgot to mention... the fuel economy is excellent!!!! it took me 2 hours to run 2 tanks of fuel as per Rick's run in procedure... 
thanks rick. top job


I was just going to write you. i ran the car yesterday for the first time. all i can say is "your the man" i want to send some more engines to you. i have a Nova Max which is an engine that had all its parts hand picked and fitted, then worked by Miasma Fountain. don't if you can get anymore from it or not. my team partner wants to send his nova meager to you. can you work your magic on a RB 21 engine also. what is the cost if i send you four engines. i have a Roy that was worked by someone else, can you look at it and re-work it if it needs it.
I left  very positive good feedback. if you want you can have others e-mail and i will be glad to tell them how i feel. 
tom Hillman

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your mod, i ran the picco xp 12 today in nitro mod,  I have never been in the top 3 of NITRO MOD, i TQ 'ed 3rd, which is a huge leap from usually 8 overall or top of B main. Lap times were a sec off, everybody though i was running a new novarossi motor :) 
johnnytc3@hotmail.com   Houston Texas

rick, funny two of my sponsored by another modifier friends had nothing on me, one running MT12 with another modifier mod and it was nothing special. I will definitely leave you some great feedback, just have to figure out what to say that will fit. loll 

hey rick, i only have the picco, that's what i was running the whole day, the sir i am sending to you right now (crank and rod, payola coming on sunday) my friend thought i had the ns12s3 motor because i jokingly told them i was going to get it loll, I was running up to par with that new motor the PS/2 by palarmaris racing, and pulling  on my buddy with a Denies Richly nova MR12. Man if only i knew about you earlier , two of my buddies got sponsored by another modifier, and two others just sent in their motors to another modifier, i was telling them about you and they were impressed , especially the price. Just too bad they already sent in there motors. I'm just very happy with the 100 dollar motor holding its own to the high dollar novas and the new Ps-12. 
Hi Rick, 
Just a line to let you know I received the Engine on mon. I put it on 
and followed your inst. for the break in. I have 5 tanks through it  now 
have had no problems so far. I am at the adjusting stage now and I could 
see last night at the track it turned a lot of heads. Just wanted to let 
you know that I am very happy with your work and will be sending you 
more engines in the future.

 When it comes to power your engines are on top of the food chain. When it comes to smoothness again your engines are on top of the food chain. You engines are the only engines at my local track that can keep up with an SW7 2. Keep in mind I am talking about the Picco .12 on a 1/10 truck  pulling away from 1/8 scale buggies in the straights with the .21s running 240 and the .12 running 175. Now that's power. And the fact you can put the power to the ground makes it that much better.
William    Kentucky

Hey Rick, 
I put another day of torture on the xp 12 , still haven't run the sirio yet , still waiting on my extra centax clutch set for it so i don't have to swap it around. After trial and error I found a pretty good setting with the clutch and engine, ended up using mccoy mc8 plug with 30 percent rocket science fuel with the stock out of the box head shims. I changed the clutch shoes to the hardest grabbing and stiffest spring possible. Here is what is interesting: After 20-25 min of very hard runs the temp was rock steady 230s F  (and hitting 240s when the tires wore down)with awesome power. Gearing up the car didn't seem to lose acceleration while increasing top speed noticeably. The only other car with more notable speed/power gains were the new modded mugen X12, but those are around 375+ modded.  Nonetheless track lap record for the day was 14.9 s by factory serpent driver Brandon McNally and my lap record for the day was 15.4

 I finally had a chance to test the work you did on my Paris Modified Picco 
G1. I don't know what you did to it but you just earned yourself another satisfied customer. This thing is unbelievable. The bottom-end is incredible, there are no spikes that I can feel across the power band, even the idle is so much better than before. I had a .21 Collari modified by a fellow ebayer offering mod service. Although I was satisfied with the enhanced performance, it's nothing compared to what I saw with my G1. I can't wait to see how the WS7II performs. 
 More power to you and keep up the good work!! I have 10 other engines. 
Heck...I might go crazy and have you modify the whole lot.
Thanks again, 

I ran the picco xp yesterday and you were right about it wakening up around a gallon, ran just as fast as the other guys and my temp was 195 i thought my temp gun was wrong but it could'nt be i had an exergen gun, (but then i remember you said william copley runs around 185) that was after a 10 min main.   The big race is coming up in two weeks and i cant wait 

Well i ran that motor this weekend......wowwwwwwww.....but i need that sleeve pinched.....& can i get you to massage my RG motor....let me know what you need to do it. Just wanted to let you know that my P-5 was fast before,but now its wicked fast. Your mods work great, 
 the power is very smooth now .I was told at the track, that my buggy was the fastest there,if i could 
 just learn to drive it now.LOL...You will be hearing from me for all my engine work... 
                                                                                                                   Thanks, Tony

I'm really impressed with the work you did on my C5 and I'm looking forward to getting this engine back!  Thanks in advance, Jason 
Hi Rick, 
I just did a minor break-in, in front of my house. 
Then took it to the race track after work, after the club race was over so I would have good traction. I could keep up with a friend of mine who's pretty fast on the backstraight. Engine temp was around 210-230, which I think is very good because of the Vegas heat. 
Fuel mileage seems to be about the same. That surprised me because I thought it would go down because it's modified. But  then again, I really feel it's still on the rich side of tuning. Tuning this engine is a breeze which also surprised me. I thought tuning a modified engine would be finnicky. But the engine responded to every adjustment.
But the thing I like the most about the engine right now is, it is very quick coming out of the corners and the transition from the low to the high power band is very smooth and quick.
I am very happy with the engine, your professionality, and your personal touch. Thank You very much. I left feedback for you with e-bay. It was kind of unique. I wrote " E-mail me cause there is not enough room to write all the good things I have to say. He's awesome".
Anyway, I'll let you know more when I get a chance to go racing again. 
Thanks again.Welson (lvrcracer) 

This is like a whole new engine! iv never seen a ws7-2 so fast! the low end is amazing. but cant really notice it because it reaches the top end so amazingly quick!!! that's no joke either. I'm going from stop, to having the engine "cherping" in less than 2 sec! hitting 0-40 in under 2.3 sec too! no joke at all! i will personally say that rick is the best iv seen so far! and iv seen about all the modders there is out there. iv had to reglue my tires back onto the rim about 5 times, in 3 tanks of running! i love this engine more than ever! and is my favorite engine to own in all my years!!! I know where all my engines are going!!!!!!!
Thank you so much rick!!! i hope to come up to speedzone some day to meet u, and race with everybody. thanks again!
-Austin Karnes